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 Times  Tables with Toptables

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Learning Times Tables? Here is some colorful software to help kids progress without pain.

  • Multiplication tables from two to twelve. 
  • Learn how a table is made.  
  • Multiplication table grid printout. 
  • Wallchart printouts. 
  • Practice with vari-speed prompter.  
  • Complete tables in regular or random sequence.  
  • Test with interactive problems, varied at the press of a button ...and printable.
  • Time and scores monitored automatically so teacher/parent is in control.
  • Review/print/store results in Assessment Page.
  • Colourful, fun, effective!
  • Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/2000/XP. Min Ram 32mb. Download size 1.6mb

A software program to teach kids their times tables and get results.

Click links to download your trial copy of Toptables and Topadd .

or buy online. $19.99 (US) for the two.REGNOW

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How to Save nearly $5: 

25% discount from REGNOW with coupon: CLAR-TF7B-TOP

Unlimited Support plus Free Updates. 30 Day Moneyback Guarantee.

Give Toptables as a useful gift.

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