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 50 States and Capitals Printable Worksheets

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Free printable states and capitals study work sheets to practice writing and remembering the names of  the 50 states and capitals of the USA. The sheets are in the form of lists with blank columns to test "state and capital" or "capital and state" knowledge.

Learning the 50 states of America is a challenge to the memory so use all the help you can get. Students differ in how they learn so find the method that suits you best. Suitable for teachers, students and home schoolers who need work sheets for study, tests or exams. More sheets to keep your printer busy soon, check back. 

Printable worksheets US states capitals:

  • States USA printable blank capitals and abbreviations work sheet that can be photocopied.
  • Capitals USA blank states and abbreviations work sheet can be printed.
States outline map blank worksheet.Outline Map USA printable simple blank outline map of American states   Learn the bordering states of the USA

Bordering states thumb
  • Statehood date Blank states with "date of statehood" work sheet to print, free and suitable for photocopying.

Memory Aid helps retention

This original poem contains the fifty American states in alphabetical order. Fun to read and learn from. Worksheet .pdf version to print.  video


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States Crossword, Wordsearch Puzzles

 States Crossword Use your knowledge of the 50 States and Capitals to solve this free puzzle. States crossword blank. 

States and Capitals Wordsearch Find the 50 States and Capitals hidden in the grid. 

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Presidents of the USA Crossword Puzzle

Solve this all American puzzle from dates in presidential office clues. The pdf file can be downloaded here Presidents Puzzle

Pledge of allegiance to the American flag

Pledge of Allegiance to flag worksheet  Useful worksheet to print for teaching students about the flag and its code.

Pledge of Allegiance to flag  Poster to print in color and put on wall with pledge and useful information.

Patriotic Song and Presidential Election Campaign song

Our Flag Stays Flying Free Learn how to write a patriotic song and win an election.

Video ?Our Flag Stays Flying Free? Read lyrics and follow tune.

English Worksheets

Color in Worksheets

Phonetic Alphabet

Speech Recognition spelling alphabet If you need to use the "alpha bravo charlie" phonetic alphabet to dictate, the full list is laid out for printing as pdf.

A video to use in learning the phonetic alphabet can be found here Alpha Bravo Charlie

A video version for the phonetic numbers used with this international NATO alphabet is also available. Running through the videos repeating the letters as the flashcards come up will give you a fluent competence with this system.

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The secrets of success in writing verse that serves a purpose. 

  Learn 50 States  methods to learn and memorize your states list.

How to learn the table of the elements  methods to learn and memorize your periodic
table list.

States telephone area codes  Useful list of area telephone number codes for USA

and Canada
50 States list regions Learn your states list by region and mnemonic.

50 States mnemonic alphabetical  Memorizing a list of states in ABC order.

50 States alphabetical order links to states' websites.

Articles Improve Grammar Multiply with fingers Learn states and capitals

Software  Multiplication-Times-Tables Learn Times Tables List of 50 states
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