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 Printable List of Presidents of the USA

Go to List Learning a list of US presidents in order is great but how much do you know about the country they presided over? The USA has been led by some of the world's greatest leaders who knew their country in tremendous detail. Life is always more interesting if you know what people are talking about so it pays to know your way around America and who is and has been its Head of State.

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Can you or your kids name the American presidents in abc order? If you would like to this is the place to start. One of the finest aspects of the American state is the fact that any citizen can aspire to become its head and be addressed as Mr or Madam President.

If you or your kids aspire to be President of the USA, or just a good citizen, you need to know as much as possible about presidential history. Learn to place the 50 American states correctly and don't be an embarrassment to your leader. If you would like to test your knowledge of the states and their capitals try this quiz states capitals quiz  You should learn to visualize and understand the layout of this great country - The United States of America.

Try this great song to learn the 50 states.

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Mount Rushmore National Memorial

Presidents USA Mount Rushmore

The stone images of these monumental presidents loom magnificently from the sky.
(Left to right) George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and

Abraham Lincoln on Mount Rushmore National Memorial.

You can learn states and capitals, abbreviations and topographical facts using lists, songs, games and quizzes. there is also a mnemonic limerick verse to aid learning the presidents' list. Learn Presidents USA. Even if you never become President of the USA you will still be a useful, informed citizen. if  you grasp the facts of USA geography. Useful information can be found on this blog: Learn 50 states capitals

List of  Presidents   Printable list of presidents with learning help mnemonic tutorial.

List of Presidents Chronologically (in time):
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Printable List of USA Presidents in chronological (time) order 

1. George Washington 1789 -1797
2. John Adams 1797-1801
3. Thomas Jefferson 1801-1809
4. James Madison 1809-1817
5. James Monroe 1817-1825
6. John Quincy Adams 1825-1829
7. Andrew Jackson 1829-1837
8. Martin Van Buren 1837-1841
9. William Henry Harrison 1841- 1841
10. John Tyler 1841-1845
11. James Knox Polk 1845-1849
12. Zachary Taylor 1849-1850
13. Millard Fillmore 1850-1853
14. Franklin Pierce 1853-1857
15. James Buchanan 1857-1861
16. Abraham Lincoln 1861-1865
17. Andrew Johnson 1865-1869
18. Ulysses Simpson Grant 1869-1877
19. Rutherford Birchard Hayes 1877-1881
20. James Abram Garfield 1881
21. Chester Alan Arthur 1881-1885
22. Grover Cleveland 1885-1889
23. Benjamin Harrison 1889-1893
24. Grover Cleveland 1893-1897
25. William McKinley 1897-1901
26. Theodore Roosevelt 1901-1909
27. William Howard Taft 1909-1913
28. Woodrow Wilson 1913-1921
29. Warren Gamaliel Harding 1921-1923
30. Calvin Coolidge 1923-1929
31. Herbert Clark Hoover 1929-1933
32. Franklin Delano Roosevelt 1933-1945
33. Harry S. Truman 1945-1953
34. Dwight David Eisenhower 1953-1961
35. John Fitzgerald Kennedy 1961-1963
36. Lyndon Baines Johnson 1963-1969
37. Richard Milhous Nixon 1969-1974
38. Gerald Rudolph Ford 1974-1977
39. James Earl Carter Jr. 1977-1981
40. Ronald Wilson Reagan 1981-1989
41. George Herbert Walker Bush 1989-1993
42. William Jefferson Clinton 1993-2001
43. George Walker Bush 2001-2009
44. Barack Hussein Obama 2009 - 2017
45 Donald John Trump 2017 - 2021
46 Joe Biden 2021 - present


Printable List of USA Presidents in Alphabetical order

Adams, John (1797-1801)
Adams, John Quincy (1825-1829)
Arthur, Chester Alan (1881-1885)
Biden, Joe (2021- present)

Buchanan, James (1857-1861)
Bush, George (1989-1993 )
Carter, Jimmy (1977-1981)
Cleveland, Grover (1885-1889, 1893-1897)
Clinton, Bill (1993- 2001)
George Walker Bush 2001-2009
Coolidge, Calvin (1923-1929)
Eisenhower, Dwight D. (1953-1961)
Fillmore, Millard (1850-1853)
Ford, Gerald R. (1974-1977)
Garfield, James A. (1881)
Grant, Ulysses S. (1869-1877)
Harding, Warren G. (1921-1923)
Harrison, Benjamin (1889-1893)
Harrison, William Henry (1841)
Hayes, Rutherford Birchard (1877-1881)
Hoover, Herbert (1929-1933)
Jackson, Andrew (1829-1837)
Jefferson, Thomas (1801-1809)
Johnson, Andrew (1865-1869)
Johnson, Lyndon B. (1963-1969)
Kennedy, John F. (1961-1963)
Lincoln, Abraham (1861-1865)
Madison, James (1809-1817)
McKinley, William (1897-1901)
Monroe, James (1817-1825)
Nixon, Richard M. (1969-1974)
Obama, Barack Hussein (2009- )
Pierce, Franklin (1853-1857)

Polk, James K. (1845-1849)
Reagan, Ronald (1981-1989)
Roosevelt, Franklin D. (1933-1945)
Roosevelt, Theodore (1901-1909)
Taft, William H. (1909-1913)
Taylor, Zachary (1849-1850)
Truman, Harry S. (1945-1953)
Trump, Donald John (2017 - 2021)
Tyler, John (1841-1845)
Van Buren, Martin (1837-1841)
Washington, George (1789-1797)
Wilson, Woodrow (1913-1921)

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For photographs of presidents, and spouses, vice-presidents list.
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Entertaining, informative  facts and trivia about the U.S. presidents.




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