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 US Sergeant Major Jim Wolfmeyer (photo courtesy Fred Harms,




Jim Wolfmeyer (Photo F. Harms)

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Ol' Jim (Magic in Them Feet)

Written by William Clark
Sung by George Clark

Ol Jim (Magic in them feet) album cover
(p) (c) William Clark

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Ol Jim (Magic in Them Feet)
Remembering Departed Friends


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What is a friend?
A friend is person you know who is well disposed to you. They like you and you like them. You share time together and exchange news. You meet for social occasions, exchange gifts and Christmas cards. Friendships vary in their degree -- some are minor and casual others are intense and intimate.

Intimate FriendsIntimate friendships tend to blossom into love where strong emotions dominate the feelings that a couple have for each other. It is a very special kind of friendship and is usually the most important bond that humans can make. It tends to hold two people together as they face the trials and rigors of having and rearing a family.

Young LoveYoung love is treasured as a golden memory by most people and is often regarded as being a time when people are at their best. True love ennobles the soul, uplifts the mind and improves character. It can be confused with lust which is not love but simple biological attraction which does not even need any fondness or regard but is only a desire for physical satisfaction.

Friends in DangerFriendships that are forged in difficult circumstances tend to be very strong. People who share danger form strong bonds. Soldiers up against a common enemy and facing the risk of death or injury often become like a band of brothers -- looking out for each other and greatly enjoying each others company in moments of relaxation. Often they will risk or even sacrifice their lives for the sake of a comrade.

Workers in dangerous occupations share a similar bond to soldiers, Miners are traditionally known for their strong sense of brotherhood as they work deep underground and rely heavily on each other for support. Trades unions were often formed in adversity and they have always emphasized the importance of a brotherly bond and mutual support.

Respect for friendsNormally you would have respect for your friends but sometimes you like them despite their faults and failings. It is possible to have considerable respect for someone who is not your friend and might even be your enemmy. This is where you recognise their ability and strenghth of character even though you might be opposed to them on some matters.

Pets as friendsPeople also have attachments to pets that might be described as a friendship. Some folk find it easier to feel for their pets than for other humans but most animal lovers value normal human friendships also. A person who has suffered traumatic experiences of human relationships might find a pet easier to relate to in order to build up confidence.

Many words for friendsThere are many words for a friend. slang  terms exist in UK and US such as pal, buddy, chum, mate, mucker, with more formal expressions like: familiar, intimate and confidant.

Whatever you call the meaningful people in your life it is important to build good relationships because humans are a group or tribal animal, and we need to be part of a supporting group.

If you want to have good friends you must be a good friend. This involves being trustworthy and reliable. A fair-weather friend is someone who claim to be your buddy but when times get difficult they desert you and are no help. No one likes a clinging friend who becomes a burden so it is good to remember that it is better to give than receive. This little verse sums it up:

A friend in need is a friend indeed

If you would be my friend
There's not much I would do
But like (love) you lots and lots
And be a friend to you.


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Copyright W.Clark 2008