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Help with practice and learning a list of the states and capitals of the USA in alphabetical order with abbreviations is available on this page.

If you intend to study and learn these by heart there are various memory techniques to help you. The traditional method of how to learn is constant repetition but learning a list of fifty states and their capitals is quite a daunting task. Your memory can only absorb so much and you have to use a methodical system.

  • Use the list below to associate each state with a number from one to ten.
  • An object that rhymes "one -- gun" is connected with the number.
  • Picture the state in your mind and link the object with it, building a mind picture in the most memorable way you can
  • Use humor, imagination etc. to enhance the memory.

To break the task into manageable chunks, mentally color each object the same for each group of ten. Remember, the more vivid the image you create the easier it is to recall later. You can print out the lists for ease of study.

Examples of States memorizing method:

1 gun, Alabama -- a man with a black stetson is firing a black gun "bam bam bam" at a wanted poster of himself bearing the legend " Al Montgomery last seen in Alabama".

When you reach the second blue group you might imagine something like:

1 gun, Hawaii -- A man with a blue stetson laughing "haw haw haw what a Lulu" is firing his blue gun in the air while looking at a poster of a dancing, grass-skirted lady with the legend "Visit Honululu, Hawaii".

It will help if you download a free outline map and color it in as shown belowRosettastone image


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Learn List of States and Capitals
with Abbreviations

1. gun,  Alabama, Montgomery (AL)
2. shoe, Alaska, Juneau (AK)
3. tree, Arizona, Phoenix (AZ)
4. door, Arkansas, Little Rock (AR)
5. hive ,California, Sacramento (CA)
6. sticks, Colorado, Denver (CO)
7. heaven, Connecticut, Hartford (CT)
8. skate, Delaware, Dover (DE)
9. vine, Florida, Tallahassee (FL)
10. hen, Georgia, Atlanta (GA)

1 gun, Hawaii, Honolulu (HI)
2 shoe, Idaho, Boise (ID)
3 tree, Illinois, Springfield (IL)
4 door, Indiana, Indianapolis (IN)
5 hive, Iowa, Des Moines (IA)
6 sticks, Kansas, Topeka (KS)
7 heaven, Kentucky, Frankfort (KY)
8 skate, Louisiana, Baton Rouge (LA)
9 vine, Maine, Augusta (ME)
10 hen, Maryland, Annapolis (MD)

1 gun, Massachusetts, Boston (MA)
2 shoe, Michigan, Lansing (MI)
3 tree, Minnesota, St. Paul (MN)
4 door, Mississippi, Jackson (MS)
5 hive, Missouri, Jefferson City (MO)
6 sticks, Montana, Helena (MT)
7 heaven, Nebraska, Lincoln (NE)
8 skate, Nevada, Carson City (NV)
9 vine, New Hampshire, Concord (NH)
10 hen, New Jersey, Trenton (NJ)

1 gun, New Mexico, Santa Fe (NM)
2 shoe, New York, Albany (NY)
3 tree, North Carolina, Raleigh (NC)
4 door, North Dakota, Bismarck (ND)
5 hive, Ohio, Columbus (OH)
6 sticks, Oklahoma, Oklahoma City (OK)
7 heaven, Oregon, Salem (OR)
8 skate, Pennsylvania, Harrisburg (PA)
9 vine, Rhode Island, Providence (RI)
10 hen, South Carolina, Columbia (SC)

1 gun ,South Dakota, Pierre (SD)
2 shoe, Tennessee, Nashville (TN)
3 tree, Texas, Austin (TX)
4 door, Utah, Salt Lake City (UT)
5 hive, Vermont, Montpelier (VT)
6 sticks, Virginia, Richmond (VA)
7 heaven, Washington, Olympia (WA)
8 skate, West Virginia, Charleston (WV)
9 vine, Wisconsin, Madison (WI)
10 hen, Wyoming, Cheyenne (WY)

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