Learn, practice Tallest Mountains USA

An easy way to Learn and Retain Tallest Mountains America 

Help with practice and learning a list of the tallest mountains of the USA in alphabetical order is explained below.

If you wish to learn the state and its tallest mountain by heart here is a memory technique to help. Constant repetition will work but learning a list of fifty states and their highest points is a major task. You can print out the lists for study.

  • Use the list below to associate each state with a number from one to ten.
  • An object that rhymes "one -- gun" is connected with the number.
  • Picture the state in your mind and link the object with it, building a mind picture in the most memorable way you can
  • Use humor, imagination etc. to enhance the memory.

To break the task into manageable chunks, mentally color each object the same for each group of ten. Remember, the more vivid, weird, mad, disgusting or unusual the image you create the easier it is to recall later.

Examples in remembering tallest mountains in America:

1 gun, Alabama -- a man with a black stetson is firing a black gun at card cheat and on the wall is a picture of a mountain titled "Cheaha Mountain".

When you reach the second blue group you might imagine something like:

1 gun, Hawaii -- A man with a blue face being sick (puking) over an island mountain labled "Pu'u We-kiu".

At the third green group imagine:

1 gun, New Mexico, a green man with a peaked cap pushing a gun on wheels up a sharp-pointed mountain -- Wheeler Peak

It will help if you download a free outline tallest mountains map and write in the names in color as shown below.

Learn & Remember List of States' Tallest Mountains

1 gun,  Alabama, Cheaha Mountain
2. shoe, Alaska, Denali (Mount McKinley)
3. tree, Arizona, Humphreys Peak
4. door, Arkansas, Magazine Mountain
5. hive ,California, Mount Whitney[2]
6. sticks, Colorado, Mount Elbert
7. heaven, Connecticut, Mount Frissell
8. skate, Delaware, Ebright Azimuth
9. vine, Florida, Britton Hill
10. hen, Georgia, Brasstown Bald
1 gun, Hawaii, Pu'u We-kiu (Mauna Kea)
2 shoe, Idaho, Borah Peak  
3 tree, Illinois, Charles Mound  
4 door, Indiana, Hoosier Hill
5 hive, Iowa, Hawkeye Point
6 sticks, Kansas, Mount Sunflower
7 heaven, Kentucky, Black Mountain [3]  
8 skate, Louisiana, Driskill Mountain
9 vine, Maine, Augusta Mount Katahdin
10 hen, Maryland, Backbone Mountain

1 gun, Massachusetts, Mount Greylock
2 shoe, Michigan,  Mount Arvon
3 tree, Minnesota, Eagle Mountain
4 door, Mississippi, Woodall Mountain  
5 hive, Missouri, Taum Sauk Mountain
6 sticks, Montana, Granite Peak
7 heaven, Nebraska, Panorama Point
8 skate, Nevada, Boundary Peak
9 vine, New Hampshire, Mount Washington
10 hen, New Jersey, High Point  

1 gun, New Mexico, Wheeler Peak  
2 shoe, New York, Mount Marcy
3 tree, North Carolina, Mount Mitchell  
4 door, North Dakota, White Butte
5 hive, Ohio, Campbell Hill
6 sticks, Oklahoma, Black Mesa)
7 heaven, Oregon, Mount Hood
8 skate, Pennsylvania, Mount Davis
9 vine, Rhode Island, Jerimoth Hill
10 hen, South Carolina, Sassafras Mountain

1 gun ,South Dakota, Harney Peak
2 shoe, Tennessee, Clingmans Dome
3 tree, Texas, Guadalupe Peak
4 door, Utah, Kings Peak
5 hive, Vermont, Mount Mansfield
6 sticks, Virginia, Mount Rogers
7 heaven, Washington, Mount Rainer
8 skate, West Virginia, Spruce Knob
9 vine, Wisconsin, Timms Hill
10 hen, Wyoming, Gannet Peak

 Thank you for using our list of tallest mountains in the USA, we hope it was useful.


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