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Alarmclock -- Brief history of the alarm clock.
Fingers multiplication -- Middle Ages finger calculation.
Multiplication sheets Example of multiplication sheet

Winston Churchill -- Brief history of the great British Prime  Minister.
William Penn   -- Short biography of the founder of Pennsylvania.

Power up with Proverbs -- How to improve your life and personal development with ancient wisdom.


Gaelic Poems -- The collected works of Mod founder, John Campbell.
Limericks --"700 Limericks & How to Write Them"
Queen Hynde -- James Hogg's famous verse story, abridged.

Printable Work Sheets & Memory Aid

States and capitals work sheets Useful lists of states and capitals for tests. Map outlines to print. Pdf copies. Remember the 50 States poem.
Map USA  -- Print a map outline for study.
Print Map USA -- The outline.
Learn States and Capitals -- Memory aid for learning states and capitals of the USA.
Learn States Mnemonic -- Phrase mnemonic memory aid for learning states and capitals of the USA.
Tallest Mountains Useful lists of the tallest mountains, high points of the American states.
Learn Tallest Mountains -- Memory aid for learning tallest mountains the USA states.
States-mountains-heights -- Tallest mountains, highest points, in USA states.

Pledge of allegiance to the American flag -- Illustrated printable sheet.

Pledge of Allegiance to flag worksheet  Print worksheet for test, learntehood date -- date of statehood for US states.

English worksheets Fill in the blanks in passages from Tom Sawyer.

Printable Crossword Puzzles for States, Capitals and Postal Abbreviations

States Crossword -- Crossword puzzles to aid learning states and capitals.
States Crossword Clues -- States crossword puzzle clues.
States Crossword Blank -- States crossword puzzle blank.
States Crossword Solution -- States crossword puzzle solution.

States Crossword Abbreviations Blanks -- Crossword puzzle blank states postal abbreviations.
States Abbreviations Crossword Clues -- Crossword puzzle to aid learning states abbreviations.
States Abbreviations Crossword Solutions -- Crossword puzzle states' solutions.

States of the USA Wordsearch -- States wordsearch puzzle.pdf
Capitals of the States of the USA Wordsearch -- Capitals of the American States wordsearch puzzle.pdf

States capitals quiz  Test your knowledge of the 50 American states and their capitals

States and Capitals

USA States and capitals FAQ  Frequently asked questions.

List of 50 US states Alphabetical list of 50 US states.

States-capitals-nicknames List of nicknames of the 50 states.
Learn States Nicknames A method of learning and memorizing states' nicknames. 
States telephone area codes Look up telephone area codes
50 States alphabetical order links to states' websites.


Awards -- Clarkscript's software awards page.
Presidents USA List -- Handy list of the American leaders.
Learn Presidents USA List -- Mnemonic limerick verse to remember USA leaders.
Presidents Puzzle Test knowledge of US presidents from their dates of office.
Prime Ministers UK List -- The Premiers of the United Kingdom of Great Britain.
Useful information on improving efficiency with lists.

Download guide Downloading software help.
Links -- Some useful links.
PRIVACY POLICY -- How we treat our customers privacy.

Reviews of Software
Multiplication-Times-Tables -- Toptables.
Grammar tutorial
English grammar test
English grammar exercise

Speech-recognition-spelling-alphabet alpha bravo charlie.

Clarkscript Software
Alarm Clock --A PC alarm with many features.
Tables -- Learn the times tables for school.
The USA States and Capitals -- Know your states and capitals plus handy list.
State-trail -- Find the hidden states.

 Music Poetry & Friendship

Stirring Western Poems  
Old  West and Cowboy poems

Ol' Jim (Magic in Them Feet) Classic country song telling the story of an inspiring character.
Route66 Brief history of this famous highway .
Nike Story of the anti-aircraft missile.
Friendship Exploration of the concept of friends.
Remembering departed friends Friends remembered.
Ol' Jim (Magic in Them Feet) index)

Limerick Poems and Songs Help

William & Kate Acrostic Poems Verses celebrating the royal wedding.
Our Flag Stays Flying Free  Patriotic song with advice on Presidential election songs.
Limericks FAQ  Answers questions of limericks.
Mother's Day Message  A limerick poem for Mother's Day is a good type of message on a card.
Limerick  Poems  Some examples of quality limericks.
Christmas Limerick  Poems Great short verses examples for Xmas cards.
Easter Limerick  Poems  Samples of limerick poems for the spring holiday.
Limerick Competition List  List of limerick writing contests.

Sports Limerick  Poems  Various sports in verses.

Olympics Limerick  Poems  Various sports in verses.

Thanksgiving Limerick  Poems  Verse to celebrate Thanksgiving Day holiday

How to write a Limerick Tips on writing limericks.
Limerick Checker Software to check the rhythmic structure of your limerick.

How to Twitter a Limerick Help for users of Twitter.
How to Twitter a Valentine Use Twitter for your Valentine.
How to Tweet St Patrick's Day Limerick St. Patrick's Day Twitter help.

Limerick Europe  Limericks on states and capitals of Europe.
The_Limerick_States USA limericks on states and capitals.
Halloween Limericks  Verse for Halloween fun.

The History of Irish Tap Dancing  Learn the story of this ancient dance.


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