700 Limericks & How to Write Them700 Limericks and How to Write Them

ISBN 978-1-4452-6266-6


Learn States & Capitals

Funny limericks are great attention grabbers and help your kids learn.

What are The Limerick States?

A collection of 50 original, top-quality poetic gems based on the states and their capitals. Rhymed and scanned by a master poet.

Start a love affair with the American continent -- a basis for the study of geography, geology, history, politics, ethnography etc.


ISBN 978-1-4452-6266-6


The Limerick States

Memory aid: the rhymes jog recollection.

Get a feel for poetry that can lead to songwriting and music creation.

Enjoying the verses helps with reading experience in small steps.

The verses create awareness of the names of places.

A CONNECTICUT connection was cut
And all the electrics went phut!
A HARTFORD professor,
A practiced assessor,
Announced all the schools must now shut!

700 Limericks & How to Write Them

700 Limericks & How To Write Them transparent

NOW included in the paperback:

700 Limericks & How To Write Them How to write limericks. Understand structure, rhythm, rhyme, assonance, consonance, alliteration and other techniques to make your polished verse stand out. Includes over 700 examples of the genre, featuring the USA, Europe and the UK

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 The Limerick States

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