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 50 States  USA Drag and Drop Jigsaw Online Game

Getting to know the 50 states is a tall order so it is a good idea to find a fun and enjoyable way to do this. You or your students can drag and drop the name of each state onto its correct location. The USA covers a vast span and it is not easy to remember where all the states are located. TV or reading is enhanced if you can visualize the 50 American states in their relative positions.

Developing a love of your country comes from knowing its political and geographical structure, and then you have a base to build a knowledge of its other features such as topography, flora, fauna, and history. Learn to understand this great country - The United States of America.


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Printable Work Sheets

Free for your students to print study, learn and practice the 50 states.


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We hope this List 50 states  will be of help to you. 


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