Bible Worksheets Printable  

Free printable Bible study worksheets to practice writing, reading and comprehension. Selected passages from The Holy Bible. The work sheets can be downloaded as a pdf file to give good quality print.

The biblical passages in the worksheets have words removed requiring the student to focus on the meaning of the sentence. They choose from a word group and write or print the appropriate answer in the blank space provided.

Students vary in how they best learn so find the method that suits you best. Suitable for teachers, students and homeschoolers who need work sheets for study, tests or exams in Sunday schools. More sheets soon, check back.

Printable Bible worksheets:


Poetry Lessons worksheets

 More worksheets to help you learn states and capitals.

  • States USA printable blank capitals and abbreviations work sheet.
  • Capitals USA blank states and abbreviations work sheet can be printed.
  • Statehood date Blank states with "date of statehood" work sheet to print. free.

English Worksheets

Video: Gender of Nouns How masculine and feminine nouns are formed in English.

Memory Aid helps retention