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Reading proofs is an eye-straining bore for creative people who want to get on with what they do best - creating new written content.

It is a mechanical process that numbs the mind and waters the eye but we all know that mistakes do creep in and must be eliminated before the readers are invited to peruse your work.

Nowadays we have the ever helpful PC to spell check, grammar and format check and give an accurate word count. These are usually available as standard with the word-processing software that comes installed with your new computer.

So far so good but is there even more helpful software to make the proofreading task quicker, easier and more accurate?

The people who produce the Whitesmoke software certainly think so with their all-in-one solution to most writing problems be they personal or professional.

Whitesmoke claim their software will cut your editing time in half and leave you with better copy in all areas of writing. The Grammar Checker is based on both grammar rules and statistical research in order to correct real mistakes made by real people. Grammar is explained and AutoCorrected.

This software includes a powerful dictionary and a collection of templates to give you a head start with all kinds of letters and documents. Amongst the many other exciting features is  Text Enrichment  - this uses smart artificial intelligence algorithms that "understand" your sentences and help you to choose the right word with synonyms, adjectives, and adverbs suited to your text.

International users will find the benefits of the Multi-Lingual Dictionary, that translates more than 20 languages to give streamlined workflow, a major time saver.


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