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Holly and Carols limerick

The hallway with holly is hung;
The carols by choruses sung.
The tree is alight
To brighten the night
As the church bells are joyfully rung!

Christmas Greetings limerick

This Christmas I'm writing to you
Our friendship to warmly renew.
May the season be glad,
The best that you've had,
And all of your best dreams come true.

Santa's Sleigh limerick

We're singing the song of the sleigh
As Santa gets his underway.
The bells are a-jingle,
Our tummies a-tingle,

Fairy limerick

There was a young Xmas-time elf
Who greatly admired himself.
He climbed up the tree,
A fairy to see,
But fell down and left with a skelf!

Reindeer limerick

A reindeer of Santa's grew ill
So the vet gave the patient a pill.
His ears went all droopy.
And then he went loopy.
So your present is over the hill!

Turkey limerick

A turkey was asked out to dine
So told all his friends, "I feel fine!
When the water grew hot
He went in the pot,
And asked for a cool glass of wine!

Mistletoe limerick

May all of your Xmas be very
Much more than the regular merry.
Though merry is good
There are times when you should
Find more 'neath the mistletoe berry!

Your Santa limerick

From out of the bright starry dome
Your Santa descends to your home.
He's read what you wrote
In your ?Please, Santa? note,
And your present's been packed by your gnome!

Santa's Racing Reindeer limerick

The reindeer are fleet on their feet,
And race through the rain, snow and sleet.
They always get through,
We depend on them to,
When we look for our Xmas day treat!

Xmas Baubles limerick

The baubles that cling to the tree
Like raindrops in sunlight hang free.
They glitter and shine
Like sparkling old wine;
It's a sight that you surely must see!

The Top Fairy limerick

The fairy who climbed to the top
Had the courage of one who won't stop.
So, now she's the ruler,
And no one can school'er
Too bad, after twelve, it's the chop!

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