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Proverbs store the refined wisdom of ages in short, memorable lines. Often they have several layers of understanding. This blog features a weekly proverb and explores its meaning. Sir Winston Churchill, the former British Prime Minister, war leader, writer, painter, historian, bon viveur, and very good bricklayer, recommended that people who lacked formal education should acquire a good stock of proverbs. "The Wisdom of Nations lies in their Proverbs... Collect and learn them". William Penn

Name: William Clark

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Cometh the hour cometh the man.

"It is always darkest before the dawn" says one well known proverb and in times of crisis we look for a capable leader. Nobody suitable seems to be available but when the situation reaches critical it can stir the sleeping abilities of their hero to burst forth and shine. The ordinary seeming individual will find strengths within and rise to the challenge. Such as William Wallace, Oliver Cromwell, George Washington or Mahatma Gandhi.



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