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Limgen -- the limerick generator

Limerick generator


Limericks are a lot of fun and this app enables you to create funny limericks at a tap. The app constructs the verses with random words and letters that can be very zany and amusing. You can easily edit the poem and share it with friends.
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Periodic Table

Tavola Periodica

Tavola Periodica

Das Periodensystem

Das periodensystem

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Quizzes in Ebook Format

1. States & Capitals USA
2. History of Early America
3. Black History
4. Presidents' List USA
5. Phonetic Spelling Alphabet
6. Periodic Table of the Elements
7 States Postal Abbreviations
8. Cowboy Hats
9. Famous Women Writers
10. Tableau Périodique des Éléments
11. Bordering States of the USA
12. Les Frontières des États de l'Amérique

13 Tavola Periodica

14 La Tabla Periodica de los Elementos


16 Periodensystem

17 Inspiring Quotes

18 Capitals & States


Poetry One

Gaelic Poems -- The collected works of Mod founder, John Campbell.
Limericks --"700 Limericks & How to Write Them"
Queen Hynde -- James Hogg's famous verse story, abridged.

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Limerick Checker Software to check the rhythmic structure of your limerick.


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