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The African American people of the USA have their own unique history. This is part of the mainstream story of all America but there have been distinct problems and great characters to solve them. These people overcame difficult odds to improve the lot of their fellow sufferers and create a better future for their children. They were not ashamed to stand up for their beliefs and overcome the hard challenges blocking their path. This illustrated interactive quiz enables you to test and improve your knowledge of Black History. The questions, accompanied by portraits of many Black American heroes, will introduce adults and children to the fascinating and inspiring stories of people who would not accept failure, and who struggled to prove that your ethnicity need not prevent achievement of the highest goals. For example, do you know who Prince Hall was? Sounds like a European aristocrat, but no — he was a black boy with style. Beginners in Black American history can use the quiz for new ideas of topics and characters to research. No matter what your own skin color, you will find that the deeds of anyone in a difficult situation, and how they coped, gives us all a lesson in overcoming adversity. It teaches respect for the human spirit, whatever type of body we have been gifted at birth. From the dawn of civilization, human beings have sought progress. A desire to improve living conditions and quality of life has involved countless individuals in a struggle to solve problems and overcome great difficulties. Moments of triumph and breakthrough in ideas have led to huge leaps in well being. But all change brings new problems. Our heroes are the individual men and women who tackle these challenges and show superhuman abilities and strength of spirit to solve the unsolvable and surmount the insurmountable. As the old Chinese proverb has it: “Those who say it cannot be done shouldn't interrupt those doing it ” . History is the story of our great achievers. And Black Americans have always played their part. For black children this quiz will boost your self esteem, and for white and other kids, it allows you to see that true value in a person lies in their character and actions. Dispelling false stereotypes, and noting the underlying qualities that make a person outstanding, is an important lesson from history – black or otherwise. Black American heroes have appeared in many walks of life: military, law authorship, sport, music and politics. The one thing they all have in common is a determination to succeed, overcome prejudice and win through to their goals. By doing so they advanced the cause of humanity worldwide. If someone is dismissed as inferior but quietly and determinedly demonstrates superior ability then their critics are shown to be false. Black history in America is an important strand of the overall fabric of American life that has been woven from the daily actions of every citizen. Most have led ordinary lives but they too were making a contribution. The histories of outstanding people inspire us all — but we cannot learn from them if we do not know they exist. Don’t leave our heroes and their shining deeds to gather dust in old books. Seek them out, learn their stories and fill your heart with their aspirations.

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