Remember The 50 States Poem Printable Worksheet 

This original poem/lyrics Remember The 50 States contains all the fifty American states in alphabetical order. Useful  if you want to commit the USA states list to memory. It is also good fun to read as verse. Read it on your Kindle or Kindle for PC with other learning help States & Capitals USA.

Remember the 50 States  in .pdf worksheet form can be read and printed from this link. The file contains the whole poem plus a printable version with blanks to fill in the states names. This can be used for tests or exams.
In response to teacher feedback this poem is now available as a song. Please check it out and get everyone singing.

Remember The Fifty States

2012 William Clark

Alabama and Alaska are the first of fifty states.
Arizona and old Arkansas are two of fifty greats. (Arkensaw)
California, Colorado and Connecticut as well,
And Delaware and Florida all make the numbers swell.

There's Georgia, Hawaii too, and lengthy Idaho,
With Illinois and Indiana, thirty-six to go.
Now, Iowa state and Kansas state, that adds another two,
Plus Kentucky, full of horses, and Louisiana blue.

And so to states that start with 'M', they total up to eight,
We've got to hurry on with this, we can't afford to wait.
So start with Maine and Maryland and Massachusetts too.
Add Michigan, and Minnesota, till your tongue turns blue.

Then Mississippi, that makes six, Missouri, nearly done,
And so we reach Montana state, and that's the final one.
But now we've got another eight, and they all start with 'N'.
There's Nebraska, and Nevada, oh I'm glad there isn't ten!

New Hampshire and New Jersey states, that takes us up to four;
New Mexico, and then New York, and still we're seeing more!
North Carolina... nearly done, then North Dakota state,
That means we've finished all the 'Ns', and ain't that really great!

There's only three that start with 'O', Ohio is the first,
The second, Oklahoma, then it's ? Oregon or burst.
Pennsylvania, Rhode Island state, and South Carolina 'S',
With South Dakota much the same... so that's them both, I guess.

Then Tennessee and Texas state are two that start with 'T'
While Utah is the only 'U', as you can plainly see.
Now Vermont, and old Virginia states both have a victory 'V',
So now we're hunting 'Ws' ? cos that's the way it be!

There's Washington and West Virginia, Wisconsin, and one more,
So we can say with 'Ws' -- Wyoming makes it four.
So that's the fifty states, my friend, you've learned them off by heart,
But if you don't remember one ? please, go back to the start.

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